Body Work

Depending on what is needed to free the clients energy, gentle rocking, light compression or stretching  may be used during the integrative healing session. Bodywork is used in a subtle yet effective way to facilitate the process of release and re-balancing.​

When these gentle forms of bodywork are combined with talk and energy work there is often a deep release of tension in the body. People often feel as though they have had a massage because aches and pains disappear and more chronic issues respond well to ongoing sessions.

We often hold onto our experiences in our bodies which may include past trauma, illness and painful emotions this can lead to acute and chronic pain and illness. When the body is guided to gently release these blockages the body/mind is revitalized and is more able to heal itself.

​Integrative Healing Helps Relieve:

  • Back Pain
  • Tension Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post Surgery Healing
  • Heartburn and Acid Reflux
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Neuralgia and Shingles
  • Inflammation of all types
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I went to Tamar all but incapacitated by lower back pain caused by new-onset sciatica. In one session, the pain disappeared and within a week I was completely healed. I have been skeptical of non-Western healing techniques in the past, so the benefits, both physical and emotional, I’ve accrued from Tamar’s skillful, non-intrusive technique have come as a wonderful surprise. ​​

-- Dina H.​​

As a working pregnant woman, life was happening so fast both inside and out. Thankfully, sessions with Tamar brought me to a serene and spiritual place, and most importantly one where I could relax, connect with, and celebrate the miracle of new life growing inside. Tamar facilitated a safe, loving, and peaceful space for me to establish a connection with my baby that lasted my entire pregnancy and beyond.

-- Jennifer O.

I have known Tamar for many years and feel that her multi-faceted skills bring a unique and holistic approach to the therapeutic experience. She is a deeply intuitive and empathic practitioner who draws on a rich background to individualize each client interaction. I have had the privilege of having Tamar as my reiki therapist for a number of years and have gained immeasurably from her treatments.​

-- Pat Goldman.