Energy Healing

​​An auric field also known as the energy field surrounds each one of us with several layers of electromagnetic energy.​

Energy healing helps to clear the energy field of unwanted energies that may impede the healing process. This creates the optimum state for the body to naturally heal itself. We also have seven main energy centers, or chakras, that begin at the top of the head and move downward along the center of our bodies to the bottom of our spines.

​​The chakras can become blocked and weakened from any number of causes such as illness, emotional stress, trauma, medication, poor nutrition, surgeries, injuries and a number of other factors. Integrative healing helps to unblock and rebalance energies in both the energy field and the chakras to create balance and harmony for the client. Blockages and imbalances can prevent the body from being able to heal itself.

Using A Pendulum

We are surrounded by a supra-consciousness that contains information which can be accessed by the practitioner to facilitate the healing process. Using the pendulum tool is one way to gain access to information which would ordinarily be outside the client and the practitioner's consciousness.


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I highly recommend Tamar Gold to anyone dealing with stress in their lives. Tamar is an accomplished professional. I reached out to her in preparation for renal cancer surgery, looking to bring relaxation and positivity to an otherwise stressful situation. By integrating reiki and massage, she brought me healing and peace of mind inside and out. ​​

-- Roberto L.​​

Tamar is a talented, intuitive energy worker. Her psychotherapy training complements the massage therapist-reiki practitioner status & puts her in a category beyond the ordinary. Varied life experiences, sensitivity, inquisitiveness & knowledge blend to make her an outstanding touch practitioner.

-- Sandy Friedland.

As a working pregnant woman, life was happening so fast both inside and out. Thankfully, sessions with Tamar brought me to a serene and spiritual place, and most importantly one where I could relax, connect with, and celebrate the miracle of new life growing inside. Tamar facilitated a safe, loving, and peaceful space for me to establish a connection with my baby that lasted my entire pregnancy and beyond.​

-- Jennifer O.