Therapeutic Dialogue

A person may have long held unconscious beliefs, repetitive patterns of thought and behavior, and unresolved feelings which they have held onto for some time but which no longer serve them well.

The therapeutic talk used in integrative healing helps the client to make significant changes by gaining self awareness and shifting to new ways of thinking and being. Unlike psychotherapy, however, this method will help to make changes happen with less struggle and emotional turmoil.

Gently, and with support from the practitioner, the client is able to see new possibilities and adopt new perspectives to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Therapeutic Dialogue Is Transformational:

  • Become more aware of your how your thoughts affect your feelings and your behaviors.
  • Release thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.
  • Choose thoughts that will help you make the changes you want to make in your life.


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I highly recommend Tamar Gold to anyone dealing with stress in their lives. Tamar is an accomplished professional. I reached out to her in preparation for renal cancer surgery, looking to bring relaxation and positivity to an otherwise stressful situation. By integrating reiki and massage, she brought me healing and peace of mind inside and out. ​​

-- Roberto L.​​

I began integrative healing sessions with Tamar Gold while suffering from persistent and chronic knee and wrist pains. As a Brennan Integration Practitioner I was very impressed with the speed in my recovery which required only one session for each issue. Tamar is very focused and dedicated to her practice and her clients. I could not recommend any healer more highly than Tamar.

-- Nancy S.

As a working pregnant woman, life was happening so fast both inside and out. Thankfully, sessions with Tamar brought me to a serene and spiritual place, and most importantly one where I could relax, connect with, and celebrate the miracle of new life growing inside. Tamar facilitated a safe, loving, and peaceful space for me to establish a connection with my baby that lasted my entire pregnancy and beyond.​

-- Jennifer O.