Usui Reiki

​​Usui Reiki is an ancient and sacred form of energy healing that is channeled by the practitioner.

Reiki supports our well being and strengthens our natural ability to heal ourselves.​

Reiki requires no particular belief on the part of the client but simply a willingness to experience this vibrational healing energy. Reiki will help you to manage stress and prevent illness.

Stress is an underlying factor in most of our major illnesses today and can contribute to creating disease of every sort.​

Other benefits of Reiki are numerous and sessions can be done at a distance.

​General Usui Reiki Benefits Include:

  • Healing of a variety of chronic & acute ailments
  • Relief of pain
  • Relaxation and rapid stress reduction
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Improved sleep and digestion
  • Enhances other ongoing medical treatment
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Providing a greater sense of well being
  • Spiritual development
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I went to Tamar all but incapacitated by lower back pain caused by new-onset sciatica. In one session, the pain disappeared and within a week I was completely healed. I have been skeptical of non-Western healing techniques in the past, so the benefits – both physical and emotional – I’ve accrued from Tamar’s skillful, non-intrusive technique have come as a wonderful surprise. ​​

-- Dina H.​​

Tamar is a talented, intuitive energy worker. Her psychotherapy training complements the massage therapist-reiki practitioner status & puts her in a category beyond the ordinary. Varied life experiences, sensitivity, inquisitiveness & knowledge blend to make her an outstanding touch practitioner.

-- Sandy Friedland.

I have known Tamar for many years and feel that her multi-faceted skills bring a unique and holistic approach to the therapeutic experience. She is a deeply intuitive and empathic practitioner who draws on a rich background to individualize each client interaction. I have had the privilege of having Tamar as my reiki therapist for a number of years and have gained immeasurably from her treatments.​

-- Pat Goldman.